With over 45 years experience in the pump manufacturing industry, Tritan Pumps offers high pressure water jetting equipment and pump units for any kind of substance removal or surface preparation issues for all industries, as well as water jetting accessories and related service & repairs. The water jetting process is sometimes referred to as pressure washing.

With their extensive and successful pump engineering & manufacturing experience, Tritan Pumps is able to provide powerful and environmentally safe water jetting solutions for solving any of the most difficult cleaning, cutting, and surface preparation issues.

Tritan Pumps water jetting line-up includes pumps and pump units, as well as accessories for all types and varieties of industrial water jet cleaning, cutting, oil & gas applications, and process services.

Our experienced Tritan Pumps team of pump experts are eager to assist you with the planning, specifications, and selection of your water jetting applications, as well as with the installation and operation of your water jetting equipment.

Water Jetting Pump

Series 3085SX

Pressure:up to 40,000 PSI
Flow:up to 24 GPM
Horsepower:up to 85 HP

Water Jetting Unit


Pressure:up to 40,000 PSI
Flow:up to 34 GPM
Horsepower:up to 150 HP

Pressure Washer Unit


Pressure:up to 40,000 PSI
Flow:up to 44 GPM
Horsepower:up to 200 HP

Water Jetting Application


Pressure:up to 40,000 PSI
Flow:up to 56 GPM
Horsepower:up to 250 HP

High Pressure Pumps


Pressure: up to 40,000 PSI
Flow:up to 72 GPM
Horsepower:up to 300 HP

Our Tritan Water Jetting Accessory Partners:

Tritan offers the wide range of StoneAge high pressure water blasting tools and accessories that help us to create innovative solutions for our customers, including waterblasting accessories for surface preparation, pipe cleaning, tube cleaning, tank & boiler cleaning and for centralizers, backout prevention, rotary couplings, nozzles, fittings, and reels-or custom applications designed just for you.  StoneAge is recognized as a world leader in providing tools and equipment for water blast cleaning, specializing in mechanized equipment and rotary nozzles and they have comprehensive engineering, manufacturing and engineering service capabilities.


Tritan also offers the wide range of products from Advanced Pressure Systems for water blasting operations including control guns, dump valves, lances, hoses, stingers & nipples, nozzles, fittings, gauges, and more- everything so that Tritan Pumps can build a perfect water blasting solution for you.